• Percy, Superintendent Cat

Wet and windy again? Boo! Hiss!

Well… it’s another blustery, windy weekend, and we hope that you and your furry friends are keeping safe.

All our temporary guests are enjoying their heated beds in the cabins of their secure pens – just as us permanent residents are mostly staying indoors, in the warm and dry… all of us waiting in comfort for the next meal service.

Rosie is at her usual, favourite seat by the window, where she can be alerted to/greet any visitors before they even get to the front door.

Big Boy is lounging near her on the sofa (until our Helen sits down for a break... at which point he will make a bee-line for her lap).

Toby, Max and Henry - the feral gang - are in their usual indoor domain of the conservatory. (Henry is missing from this pic, as he is snuggled up, snoozing, just out of shot).

Truffles - our newest permanent resident - has recently discovered the joys of the underfloor heating in the living room!

and Maisie…

erm… Maisie?

Maisie?! Where are you??!

Well… Maisie went missing for most of last weekend, when there was similar wet and windy weather!

She is a very timid girl who prefers outdoor living to co-habiting with humans, but she has a favoured feeding area and her own cosy sleeping cabin high up above all the goings on - all undercover.

However, come meal-time last weekend, she was nowhere to be seen, which was very unlike her.

Our Helen searched everywhere for her, and resorted to putting notes through the neighbours’ doors, asking them to check their sheds and/or garages for Maisie, in case she had inadvertently got shut in one of them.

… and shut in she had got, it turns out!

One of the neighbours did check, and found that Maisie had been locked in their garage by accident.

Thankfully, no harm done, and Maisie is back to her normal routine of keeping to herself (and looking very pretty while doing so, we think).

Hopefully, all of you have taken extra safety precautions in this bad weather, but please do think of the cats and outdoor-dwelling critters who may have to take temporary shelter in your garage, shed or garden. The high winds can also knock lids off containers (eg, old water butts)... and who knows who may have sneaked inside for somewhere warm and dry to shelter?

As well as this, garden toys, such as children’s football goal nets could be blown over and can trap animals… sometimes with very bad consequences.

So, please check your gardens, sheds or garages, and lets all keep safe until the sun is shining again, and we can all frolic outdoors once more.

Love and furry head-bumps


Superintendent Cat