• Percy, Superintendent Cat


Updated: May 12

It is with much sadness we report that Truffles, our newest resident, has passed away.

While we are terribly upset and missing her already, we are also so pleased that she enjoyed her last few months here at Cat and Kitten Rescue – rather than still living as a stray, starving and scared, which is how she was before she came to us.

When we took Truffles for a full check-up at the vet's upon her rescue in December last year, the advice was that her health was such that she would not be with us very long. Therefore, she was automatically awarded the status of permanent resident at Cat and Kitten Rescue, for as long as she wanted to be with us.

Such a status meant living in the house with Helen, and having full use of the many lounging spots.

Truffles took to her new surroundings immediately. She made herself fully at home and was often seen spread out, or curled up, on the living room floor (as soon as she discovered there was underfloor heating).

Another of her favourite spots was on the coffee table… but only after she had pushed off onto the floor any pesky paperwork that was in the way of a comfy nap.

Weekly fish and chips take-aways were something Truffles really looked forward to. She would sit in front of Helen and a visiting friend - tucking into some fish, purring happily and listening in to all the latest gossip.

She also loved a bit of lap time, and enjoyed many a snuggle on the sofa with Helen.

The kind lady who alerted us to Truffles' plight, and enabled us to rescue her, was delighted when she popped in to see how Truffles was doing recently. One of the first things Truffles did was to jump up on her lap for a purry cuddle.

We treasure the months Truffles was with us, and are so glad that we were able to give her the home comforts she deserved.

Sweet dreams, beautiful, purry girl. xxx