• Percy, Superintendent Cat

The feral gang

As well as cats and kittens awaiting adoption, we also have our very own resident feral gang here at Cat and Kitten Rescue.

They consist of Toby, Max and Henry, and they have the run of the garden area; enjoying their indoor time in Helen’s conservatory (which they have claimed as their own lounging area).

They came to us from a local recycling centre, or 'tip', who Cat and Kitten Rescue helped out with a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) operation a few years back. The kind staff working there wanted to do the best they could for the feral cats that lived on or around the tip, who in turn helped them out by controlling the rodent population that you would normally find at such places...

Cat and Kitten Rescue arranged for the older cats to be trapped and whisked off to the vets for neutering and a first vaccination jab, while the kittens who were old enough were socialised and adopted – some by various staff from the tip, who also generously helped towards the vet costs.

Toby, Max (both black) and Henry (tabby) were three of the many kittens rescued, but they remained a little feral – shying away from any human contact - so they stayed on as permanent residents at Cat and Kitten Rescue.

As Superintendent Cat, I also have the run of the garden, and I’m proud to say that I have been accepted as an honorary member of the feral gang…. given the privilege of sharing the coveted conservatory napping spots (see me on the right of the photo above, having an off-duty snooze in a chair).

If you would like to help Cat and Kitten Rescue with carrying on their work which includes such Trap, Neuter, Return projects, please have a look at the ‘How to Help’ page on our website. There are several ways in which you could have a part in making a difference to the lives of cats in our area.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated and makes us all very happy – even my mates in the hissy feral gang!

Love and head-bumps from,


Superintendent Cat