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Hey hey!

Hello friends and neighbours, furry or otherwise.

It's me, Percy the Superintendent Cat... here to let you know that our fundraising sale / event in Winchester this Sunday 22 March 2020 has unfortunately been called off.

We are sure you all understand and appreciate the reasons for the cancellation, in light of current events.

I will personally keep you updated with regard to other upcoming, planned sales.

Inevitably, this means a bit of a hit on our funds, as the monies raised at such sales help us to buy food, litter and any medications or treatments that our cats need. We have temporary and permanent residents who need special medicines and/or supplements on a daily basis, including our newest permanent resident, the lovely Truffles, pictured here.

On our website, we have a “How to Help” page, with details of how you can make a donation or even order some essential food, litter or flea/worm treatments via Amazon to be delivered directly to us, if you can afford to spare a little to help us out.

Click on the photo below, to go directly to our Amazon Wish List, with items starting from only £4.04:

In the meantime, it's business as usual for our Helen at the shelter, as she continues with the daily tasks of feeding and cleaning, and also undertaking any necessary vet trips.

She always finds time in her busy day for cat cuddles too. Well, quite often there is a rush for her lap as soon as she sits down for a cuppa!

(Yes, i'm referring to you, Big Boy!)

We do hope you’re all keeping well, and finding ways to entertain yourselves at home whilst staying indoors.... and, to keep you amused for a few minutes, we have compiled a quick crossword, below, based on Cat and Kitten Rescue.

All answers are found in and around our website - but if you’re stuck, you can see all the answers further down the page.

Well, myself and my deputy, Big Boy, are off now to do the rounds for our daily wellbeing chats with the residents.

It’s important, especially in times such as these, to look out for your family, friends and neighbours.

Take care of each other now.

Love and purrs,


Percy - Superintendent Cat


Big Boy - Deputy to the Superintendent Cat

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Answers to Crossword, below:












3. Big Boy

4. Helen

7. TwentyEight

9. Rosie

11. Maisie


1. Amazon

2. Winchester

4. Hampshire

5. Percy

6. Henry

8. Truffles

10. Pixie