• Percy, Superintendent Cat

A thank you

Hello my friends. We’re almost two weeks into the new year, and we’re all enjoying 2020 so far, and raring to go for our upcoming fundraising events over the next 12 months (which are already fully booked and listed on our Events page).

On behalf of everyone at Cat and Kitten Rescue, I would like to take the opportunity to thank those that very kindly sent donations by cheque and via Paypal over the Christmas period.

These donations really help us to pay for the veterinary treatment and medication often needed by the many cats that pass through our doors.

Cats just like pretty Truffles here, who was brought to our attention just before Christmas.

Truffles was discovered living rough under garden decking, at a house quite close to a busy motorway. A rather lively dog resided at the home, and took an interest in Truffles, resulting in pulling her off the garden fence by her tail. Truffles was very scared by this, but she wanted to show that she would not put up with such behavior, so she leapt onto the dog’s back and gave him a thwack or two in return!

Cat and Kitten Rescue were called, and Truffles was picked up and taken straight to the vet’s for a full check-up. Thankfully, there was no damage to her tail, but she was extremely underweight for an adult cat of her size (weighing only 1.78kg), so a full veterinary/medical screening was ordered to check for any underlying issues.

She was found to have anaemia and thyroid problems, which were treatable, but she also suffers from an irregular heart rhythm which the vet advised is likely to shorten her life expectancy.

Therefore, as she will be needing ongoing vet visits and treatment, the decision was made that she would remain as a permanent guest at Cat and Kitten Rescue, living the rest of her days out in luxury with me and the other resident mogs.

Truffles has certainly made herself at home already… She is unphased by the cats in the house, or the visitors and volunteers who often pop in to see Helen. Truffles just lounges on a soft blanket in the living room.

She listens in to the chat going on around her (sharing any interesting gossip to me later), and she will purr like a motor whenever she is approached.

We think she likes living here with the rest of us, and we are certainly enjoying her company.

So, once again, a big thank you from us to those who gave Cat and Kitten Rescue a Christmas gift of a donation. Their support enabled us to help pretty lady Truffles, and also any other cats in need that will come our way in the future.

- - -

Cat and Kitten Rescue take all rescued cats to the vets for check-ups, to ensure that any issues are found quickly and treated… and we always vaccinate and neuter (where possible, depending on age) before cats are adopted.

If you would like to donate towards the ongoing work of Cat and Kitten Rescue, please see our ‘Donate’ page for information, or call Helen on 02380 253563. Donations can be made directly to our vet practice, if preferred, which will help to cover our bills with them.

No matter how small the donation, we are always very grateful for the support.

Love and purrs,


Superintendent Cat