Donate to Cat and Kitten Rescue 

Charlie - shown in the photo here - was found abandoned at approximately 6 weeks of age.  He was passed to us, as he needed 24-hour care, specialist kitten feed and medication for a nasty chest infection. 


It was touch and go, but little Charlie pulled through, and was successfully rehomed once he was fit and healthy.  We also ensured he would be vaccinated and neutered.

Cat and Kitten Rescue have offered this kind of special care countless times over the last 27 years, but we rely on donations to ensure we are able to continue offering such help for abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. 

Donations will help us towards our vet bills, when cats are in need of medication, or even for neutering and vaccinations.

Any cash donations made here are processed via Paypal.  You do not need to already have a Paypal account for this (just choose the option that says "Donate with a Card").

However, if preferred, we would welcome any donations made directly to our vets (call Helen on 02380 253563 for details).

As always, we greatly appreciate any support given, which helps us care for cats and kittens in need.